February 4, 2010

"Excelling in expression": three show collies

Ch. Beulah's Golden Futureson, born in 1943.

These photos were scanned from Margaret Osborne's book The Collie. I think they're three of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen. All three were bred and born in England.

The tricolor on the left is Beulah's Nightvictorious, born in 1939.

Ch. Backwoods Fellow, born in 1930.


DeltaBluez Tess said...

Stunning looking dogs. WOW!!

Smart Dogs said...

I guess I'm prejudiced (okay, I know am), but I think the dog in the family photo below is more attractive than any of these animals. I like a dog with a defined stop and a broader skull and muzzle. Fellow is a handsome fellow, but Nightvictorius is too 'modern' for my taste. And they all have wayyy too much coat.

SRSLY - what pet owner wants to groom that?

Luisa said...

Janeen wrote: SRSLY - what pet owner wants to groom that?

Well, if I won the lottery, I suppose I could hire a full-time groomer...

Seriously, as gorgeous as I think those show collies are, my favorite dogs have always been slick-coats. I think a slick-coated working border collie is about the most beautiful dog there is.

Rona Davies and Rose at the 2009 Welsh National


Work is love made visible

That last photo made me cry. [Miss you, Bracken and Piper.]

The one rough-coated border collie I have now [my excuse: I thought she'd be a slick-coat like her sibs] gets a close clip every month or two. I hate rough coats. They look awesome on other people's dogs, though ;~)

Smart Dogs said...

I guess I'm lazy 'cause I prefer slick coats too - and 'teflon-coated' English shepherds (like Audie) rock. Leaves, burrs and dried mud just slips off - and their coats have the most wonderful glow. My vet oohs and aahs over his coat every time I bring the boy in.

Last week when he came along as moral support for Charlie she stroked him and said "It's like baby's hair, but in sable."

[btw - I loved the photos of the slickies, thanks]

Cait said...

Argh. Just wrote a long comment on what I liked about these guys (eye size, shape, and placement) and what I didn't like about them (lack of stop, planes of the head not parallel; the lack of stop is typical in all the collie photos I've looked at from this time period), and went to add something, and the internet ate it. :(

Anyway. :P What I was going to add was this: I adore collies. I love their sweet personalities as much as anything else about them, but they are SUCH a freaking head breed. I'm not especially a 'head person' as a dog person (Drive and movement come above it) and I get sucked into it. :P It's amazing how PERSNICKETY collie heads are compared to say, Welsh Terrier heads, or Cardigan Corgi heads. So many different little bitty traits combined- it's unsurprising how breeders get stuck on it and forget the rest of the dog.