February 1, 2010

Family photos

Dog people: the little cutie-pie holding Bonnie's paw just adopted a Heinz 57 from a pound in Orange County, CA. Click for big.

Outtake ;~)


HTTrainer said...

Looks like a collie our family had in the late 50's/early 60's.

Smart Dogs said...

It looks like an English shepherd or ES-collie mix.

Luisa said...

Bonnie must have been the perfect family dog. She was kind, patient, smart and beautiful, and everyone loved her.

Nana always said that Bonnie taught my aunt to walk. The toddler and the collie would walk together very slowly around the block, with my aunt clinging to Bonnie's thick coat and my grandmother following their progress from the kitchen window. [There were no other houses on the block back then.] Speaks volumes for that good dog. In the top photo my beautiful mom is on the left, my aunt is holding Bonnie's paw and Nana is striking a pose ;~)

Bonnie was a purebred rough collie. Her sire was Seedley Satisfaction, an English import who was a noted show dog back in the day. And Janeen, you're on to something — these dogs were nothing like the piggy-eyed, de-barked collies you see at AKC shows today [sad].

cjung said...

Nice photo and nice collie. I have a photo of my mom & dad soon after they married in 1947. Their collie was in the photo too but he choose that moment to push his head under my mom's hand for a pet so you can't see his face clearly. You can see by the gesture, however, how much he loved my mom.

In the early 60's when I came around they had a different collie, Laddie, who like Bonnie with your aunt, helped me learn to walk.

I've carried on the collie tradition but mine are smoothies.

HTTrainer said...

They say the narrower heads crush the brains. Pity.

sluj said...

Thought of you when I saw this in the Berkeley newsletter: