October 1, 2008


At left, a screen grab from WSFA News, Montgomery, Alabama. According to the news report, four people were arrested after deputies "uncovered what they believe is a dog fighting ring" and found dogs kept in deplorable conditions.

Bad Rap blog posted news of the raid last week: 27 pit bulls confiscated from [what may or may not have been] a dogfighting operation. The dogs were caged or chained up without any sign of food or water. Nice dogs. Tails wagging so hard the camera only captures a blur. I'd take 'em all if I could. From Bad Rap:
It was reported that Montgomery Humane Society will be evaluating the animals and making them available for adoption. That news seems a little premature since of course the dog owners have a right to due process, however interested readers might want to send donations to MHS for the extra burden of housing and placing the dogs, along with a hardy 'thank you' for taking them in.

There's a slide show here. In the video below, the news story begins about 40 seconds in.

From the Bad Rap blog: "[T]he compassion shown by the authorities is encouraging, and we have to hope, a sign of a new trend in animal law investigations."

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