October 20, 2008

Dear Florida: send these pups to me

Photo by Bob Self for the Florida Times-Union.

If only. As it happens, my hands are rather full at the moment with an ailing old pit bull, mom's little lamb, small enough to hold in one hand when I got him way back when and good lord how this dog has always loved food. He has never not wanted to eat. Right now I would give a toe to see him perk up at the thought of dinner. [Chicken, yum! Sure you don't want a lick...?]

So yeah, it kills me that of the 114 dogs confiscated from some ass clown in Jacksonville, 90 are dead and gone: put to sleep at the pound. I hope those pups find good homes. Oh, my little man, I remember when you were that size.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, always a tough one to learn about that many dogs being euthed in one go. Not sure that I am willing to blame "the system" entirely, as I do trust there are not enough good homes to go around.

I watched one of the media videos concerning these dogs, and there were several comments that I could've done without: more or less the typical "fighting dogs are too aggressive to be placed" type stuff. (to be fair, there were also some positive statements as well.) While it may be true that many were well dog aggressive and possibly too much dog for the run of the mill shelter adopter looking for an easily managed and satisfied buddy, it would be nice if there was a distinction made between dog aggression and human aggression. So it goes...at least the comment that all dogs from fighting lines should be euthed wasn't played.

Sleep tight, pit bull buddies.

Smart Dogs said...

Sending healing wishes to your old friend. And a big hug to you.


Luisa said...

Janeen, thanks -- he's feeling much better and started to show more interest in food this morning, yay! Acupuncture has really helped. Next appointment on Friday, credit crisis be damned [eye roll].