July 6, 2008

Working dogs in Texas

Sweet little cur gyp you got there, Henry!

There'll be no living with Henry and Cate now that they've been on Good Morning Texas. [ insert puparazzi wisecrack ;~) ]

Henry visited this past week with host Gary Cogill in a segment on working dogs, with appearances by Henry's mountain cur, a stockdog, and a couple of [authentic] rat terriers. You can catch the video here. The Three Letters were never mentioned. It was terrific, and the host was full of praise for Henry's great article on Texas working dogs in The Land Report, which you can read online here.

I should mention that Henry Chappell and photograper Wyman Meinzer have collaborated on a book called Working Dogs of Texas, due out in fall of 2009. [2009, dammit...! It's such hell being the Instant Gratification Poster Girl.]

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Henry Chappell said...

Thanks for the nice plug, Luisa! For some reason puparazzi were scarce this weekend. They could have gotten some great shots of Cate treeing squirrels in the hot, buggy woods.