July 30, 2008


We rock, yay us. More seismic activity than almost anyplace and we use more gasoline than China. By God, I'm proud to be a Californian.

The animals didn't do anything. [Thanks for the early warning, chuckleheads, and after all I do for you...!] Here are some snaps by Rick Loomis [Kmart in Diamond Bar] and Irfan Khan [Pomona City Hall], both photos from the L.A. Times:

Security cameras at Incycle in San Dimas caught the P-wave/S-wave thing: in the first video you can see the customers' reaction to the initial jolt [watch the man on the right] and what happens when the shaking starts a moment later.

There are bazillions of earthquake articles in the L.A. Times, but my favorite coverage was at Gawker. "Seriously, though, who wants to save an Earth that does crap like this? Die, dirtball, die. I'm going to go dump motor oil into a pristine watercourse." Oh, and the phones went down, too, but email still worked and Twitter scooped Associated Press by nine minutes, and there were no major injuries [and only eight minor ones], so it's all good. I love you, California...!

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