July 14, 2008



You know what bugs me the most about this vid? First there's a shot of Angel Falls in Venezuela and then a shot of Machu Picchu in Peru and then this little talking Chihuahua says he fought with the Aztecs...? Who were not, the last time I checked, from South America, oy.

The video responses convey such a degree of horror that the NY Times threw in a cringe of its own, but puppy peddlers must be drooling with anticipation. Shelters and rescues of America, get ready for a tsunami of Chihuahuas.


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Puppy peddlers grin on ANY mention of breeds, good or bad. Good mention of a breed means it sells more. Bad mention of a breeds means other breeds sell more and the "bad" breed attracts a different market.

Increased interest in Chihuahuas should help shelters and rescues adopt out the enormous amount of chihuahuas they have. Not to long ago 600 were taken from a hoarder!. Taking advantage of this may require effort (getting the dogs out to be seen, teaming up with Disney to promote adoption vs buying) but surely the dogs are worth it. That is, unless the shelters believe "killing is best" or doing more than the minimum is just too much work.