July 30, 2008

"New Baby, Old Pet"

This is as good a time as any to mention a few of the excellent programs that help parents manage the family dog and a new baby. One of the best-known programs is the SFSPCA's Diapers & Dogs: a Guide for New Parents & Parents-to-be. Here's a class description:
Dogs and babies can be a successful combination with a little preparation and some good management strategies. This class offers a safe environment for dogs to become more comfortable with the newest members of their family. Dogs will learn basic manners such as laying [lying, dammit!] quietly while baby is being fed, not jumping on baby and walking nicely next to the stroller. Parents will learn the basics of managing dog and baby interactions as well as practical obedience commands that won't add more time and stress to a new parent's busy day.
If classes aren't an option, check out this awesome list of books at Dogwise.com: millions [OK, dozens] of books on dogs and kids, and they even have CDs of baby sounds to help desensitize Scout before the stork arrives.

Canada's Worms & Germs Blog has a new post on babies and pets, with a link to the Calgary Humane Society's article on "Preparing your Pet for Baby's Arrival." Have I mentioned that Calgary is famous for preventing dog bites without resorting to breed-bashing and BSL?

And by the way: the photo accompanying the Worms & Germs post is too precious for words [heart]. With responsible supervision, little kids and friendly, well-socialized dogs can get along just fine.

[The photo above is a gem from The Unexpected Pit Bull.]

Edited to add: Thanks to Nancy of Gooddogz for the link to Dogs&Storks. This "national program that prepares families with dogs for life with baby" got a nice write-up in the Wall Street Journal in June.


Beth said...

Here are some folks that could have benefited from a little education. So sad.


Caveat said...

"...such as laying [lying, dammit!]"

Thank you.

gooddogz said...

I am a presenter for Dogs and Storks.

Anonymous said...

It absolutley terrifyies me to see how utterly clueless people can be when it comes to putting kids and dogs together. In millions of households today we have two nieve, unpredictable beings - all too often tossed together with no preparation, and worse yet, no supervision. It is a testament to the intelligence and kindness of our dogs that they don't kill us more often.

Kudos to those whoare putting good information out there. Let's hope more people take advantage of it.

Luisa said...

Nancy, thanks for the word on Dogs&Storks! I've edited the post to include that information.