July 29, 2008

Parental supervision. Parental supervision. Parental supervision.

Imagine a world where newspapers, magazines, TV and radio preach it over and over: "ALWAYS SUPERVISE YOUNG CHILDREN WITH THE FAMILY DOG."

Dog Kills 2-Month-Old Infant In Tulsa

Police say the infant was left unattended in a swing with two dogs in the room.
Link to story and video.

Eight weeks old.


Caveat said...

Not a bad report overall. A couple of quibbles :>)

Luisa said...

Damn that endlessly looping video. Out! Out, you demons of stupidity...!

Anonymous said...

A classic case demonstrating the need for spay and neuter - of ignorant, careless humans.

Publisher said...

I don't have speakers so the report is somewhat lost on me...did they mention that the suspected dog is a Labrador retriever, with a pug as the second dog?

Proving once again that breed is irrelevant.

Little Boy Blue said...

Further investigation reveals that the baby was unattended for up to an hour and a half!


Luisa said...

For a bunch of reasons, that is one of the saddest vids I've ever seen. The puppy ["between two and three months old"] is "responsible for the child's death"?! No. This was an entirely preventable tragedy. [Link to latest update]. Blue, thanks for the heads-up.

NRhodes said...

I didn't watch the video, I read the two news articles.... they act like a 2-3 month old pup deliberately killed the baby?

"Even a very familiar family dog can turn on you, puppies specifically, they're unpredictable, they're young, they got a lot of hormones going on, you've never know what they're gonna do," says Chris Stevens of EMSA.

Oh yeah, puppies are vicious. I don't think this was the pups fault at all. Puppies jump and bite and chew on things. Talk about stupid people leaving a little baby alone with a dog.