June 23, 2009

Ikea chicken-coop hack

A masterpiece of Swedish design. Photo from ikea hacker.

All the cool kids these days are busy with their chickens and their bee hives, and here I am without so much as a barn cat or a bird feeder. Wait, I have sheep! But they're down at the farm, and I need something here, dammit.

In the meantime, up above is a cool Ikea chicken-coop hack from, well duh, ikea hacker via the Ethicurean via Urban Chickens. I could do this.

And if not — on to Plan B:

How cool would this look with a little paint? From Street Use via Make.

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Gina said...

OMG. Must. Have.

jan said...

Paint might somewhat disguise the ingenuity of the "design."

Anonymous said...

LOL. love it, i have a dryer this is broken and was not looking forward to hauling it to the dump. now i know what to do with it.