June 22, 2009

The blog colors, they pop. Also: goat cheese is delicious

The blog background is now hex #191B1C, a cool dark gray that I love a lot. Was seriously tempted by FruJu. Check it out [click for bigger]:

But it felt too hot for a SoCal summer. Oy, COULORlovers can be such a timesink. And speaking of color, here is a [free!] tool that totally, absolutely rocks: ColorPic.

June 10 was Goatsday over at the Atlantic's Food Channel:
Why We Raise Goats, by Bill Niman and Nicolette Hahn Niman
The Growing Demand for Goat Meat
A New Use for Goat Cheese

And a shout out to the most excellent cheese artisans of the California Artisan Cheese Guild! I love you guys and gals.

Fun goat fact #1: goats were first domesticated almost 10,000 years ago, in Persia.
Fun goat fact #2: there are only three documented goat towers in the entire world. This one is in South Africa:

Photo by Peter Borcherds on Flickr.


Katie said...

I have a friend with goats who has been supplying me with large bags of homemade goat cheese that she can't use fast enough. It smells far too much like goat for me to consider eating it myself, but stuffing it in Kongs and freezing it makes for happy happy dogs.

That's probably a crime somewhere- inproper and wasteful use of goat cheese.

Luisa said...

Katie, why don't you live closer... [weeps]

Must run to the market now & buy goat cheese...

Bill Fosher said...

Good goat cheese is the closest I ever want to be to a goat that is not slowly turning over the coals of an apple or hickory fire. There is a lot of bad goat cheese out there, though.