June 15, 2009

Ahmadinejad's epic fail

The government's plainclothes goons head out. Click for big.

From the Guardian via Andrew Sullivan, who is doing great work covering the revolution:
Robert Tait, the Guardian's former Tehran correspondent, has been poring over leaked reports of the official results, allegedly leaked by disaffected officials.

He and our diplomatic editor Julian Borger write: "The figures have been accompanied by claims from interior ministry sources that fake statistics were fed into a software program and then distributed to vote counts among polling stations to produce a plausible outcome. The same sources have also claimed that the interior ministry's statements announcing the results were prepared before Friday night's count."

Such claims are being reported on websites that Iran is frantically trying to block, according to our blogs editor, Kevin Anderson. He explains the cat-and-mouse game between the authorities and internet users.

We can only watch and hope for peace and freedom.

1 comment:

Bill Fosher said...

Plausible? It's plausible that the results were consistent across urban and rural regions, tribes, and ethniciities? That Ahmedinejad beat his opponents 2-1 in their home towns, as well as everywhere else?

I suppose in a world where 6 million Jews weren't murdered by the Nazis nearly anything is plausible, but most of us live in the real world.