May 5, 2009

Where avocados come from

They come from beautiful SoCal and the beautiful Central Coast, and just thinking about the Pauma Valley and good fresh guacamole [with cilantro!] makes me feel better [cough, sniffle].

Visit Avocado Central here to learn more about the best fruit ever. And how about a delicious avocado shake? Nectar of the gods, and good for what ails you, believe me. Just look at it...!

Cinco de Mayo 1 - swine flu 0. Aguacate and mescal recipe here.


jan said...

It took me a while to acquire a taste for avocados and then I learned that they are the twinkies of the vegetable world. I love them though and I will give up twinkies in a heartbeat.

Heather Houlahan said...

Why do you deluded people insist on spoiling everything with ... aaack ... cilantro?