May 18, 2009

About a bark

Smoky is just the coolest. Also, as Henry Chappell and friends might say, "He's got a mouth on 'im."

My next-door neighbor D was in his backyard one recent evening, talking on his Bluetooth thingy to a friend who lives maybe three-quarters of a mile away. And Smoke fires up at something or other out by the back fence and the friend says to D, "Man, that's a loud bark" and D says, "You can hear him over the phone?" and the friend says, "I can hear him from here."

*Is proud*

Good thing Smoke sleeps inside and is 1) often inside with me and 2) always inside when I'm not home.

He's keen and smart and friendly as ever. 50+ lb now. Doing well in his obedience class. At ease with my other dogs. Runs and roughhouses for hours with the landshark, who loves him.

Yep, I still think he's pretty much perfect.

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