September 7, 2008

What're they serving at Meeker? Also: Yay, Wales!

Whatever Bill Berhow and his dogs Pete and Mike had for breakfast Saturday morning must have been seasoned with Kryptonite. On the famously difficult sheep at Meeker, the night after mountain lions got into the flock [read Bev Lambert's blog post here] Bill and Mike scored an impressive 90 in the semifinals, while Pete's run got a 91. Only three other dogs in the semifinal group of thirty topped 80 points [out of 110].

But in Sunday's double lift final, Dennis Gellings and his dogs Jake and Jan were the ones with special powers. Jake took first with 125 points, Jan took second with 119; Scott Glenn and Pleat took third with 105; and fourth with 100 points went to Ian Zoerb and Peg. Out of a possible 170 — told you those Meeker ewes are tough. Full results are here. [The 1993 poster shows Bill Berhow with his great dog Nick.]

Over at the International in Wales, three of the top five winners, including the Champion and Reserve Champion, were — drum roll, please — Welsh! Yay home team! Supreme Championship went to Kevin Evans and Mirk, with Alan Jones and Bet just five points behind.

Conditions at times were cold and soaking wet, and visibility was... well, check out the photo from the ISDS site:

But livestock must be looked after no matter what the weather, so sheepdogs and their handlers carry on. Full results for this year's International are here, here and here. And now, on to the North American USBCHA Finals and the World Sheepdog Trials in, wait for it... Wales! World-wise, we'll be cheering for Rhyme, mother to Bill Fosher's young Fern. Good luck, Haley! Good luck, Donald! Good luck, all!

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