September 20, 2008

The most beautiful dogs in the world

On the left, Stuart Davidson's Jim, a mostly black slick-coat. All things [that is, working ability] being equal, this is the type I'll fall for every time. Just one of many terrific new photos at Kinloch Sheepdogs: check 'em out.

Via CleverColliesDeb over at the Border Collie Boards, here are two videos featuring Aled Owen and Roy, this year's winners of the World Trial. The first video is their semifinals run, on five sheep. The second video is their winning run in the double lift final. Roy is sent for two packets of ten sheep each, with five collared ewes to be shed and penned.

1 comment:

Caveat said...

The photos at Kinloch are amazing. You can see the wolfishness of the collies.

I like the smooths too, especially when they are mostly black. Rose is a pretty dog. I've never seen a BC marked like that - like a hound.

They are a pretty intense crew, alright - beautiful dogs and unsuitable for people like me.