September 17, 2008

Season's end III

To the left: Richard Millichap's Taddymoor Cap trying to stop the last uncollared ewe. World Trial photo by Kinloch Sheepdogs — more here.

A few more wrap-ups: visit the Alta-Pete Farm Blog for a nice post on Scott Glen's Pleat, who is retiring after his win this year at Soldier Hollow.

Via Sheepdog News: keep an eye on Gene Sheninger's coverage of the World Trial.

Excellent photos [so green...!] and description of Nick and Nancy Obernier's fine run at the World Trial here.

Kinloch Sheepdogs has an interesting World Trial report on their blog, and as mentioned before, great photos, with more to come. [Check out Kinloch's just-for-fun recalculation of the team scores.]

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