September 3, 2008

Soldier Hollow

Results from Monday's double lift final are here. Scott Glenn and Pleat won; Bev Lambert and Bill took second [see Bev's blog reports at Sheepdog News]; and Faansie Basson and Jan [all the way from South Africa] were third. There are lots of terrific photos and a number of videos in the Soldier Hollow 2008 thread on the Border Collie Boards, most courtesy of the splendid Jan [ShoresDog].

Gratuitous "six degrees of separation" comment: set out was managed by my trainer Anna Guthrie and her hard-working crew. That's Anna in the pink shirt, as Amanda Milliken's Clive [fourth place in Monday's final] lifts his sheep in an early run:

Bill Berhow and Pete were champions at Soldier Hollow last year. Bill is a great handler and Pete is a wonderful dog, but this year the stars lined up for others. Jan writes of Pete's Friday run: "This video starts when he is almost down the hill on the fetch. Unfortunately, he had one ewe who was a piece of work, and it took him too much time getting down the hill, so he times out at the end. Given his sheep, he still gets a lot done, and he got a 62."

And now the scene shifts to Meeker... and the North American Finals, and the International and the World...

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