August 27, 2006

That List of Links

This blog is about dogs, but you'll note that the list of links includes sheep, reptiles and my favorite earthquake site. I've spared you news sites, food sites, more food sites, a YouTube link for the two people on earth who haven't been there yet, California links, and so on.

The purpose of this blog is to provide accurate information about dogs. So Chez Pim is out. No roses, no bagpipes, no link to the Grizzly. No travel. No trees. No distant Iowa cousins. This blog is about the genus Canis.

Dog sites will take precedence in the list of links, so help me. If I have to share another, non-dog-related link, I'll put it in a post.

[Yeah, I know Birdchick doesn't write much about dogs, but she's a bud of Chet Baker's --- and any bud of his is a bud of mine. (That weasel I scraped off the road to save for the local museum? Birdchick would understand.)]

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