August 28, 2006

Schäferdachshund: ein zweiter Post

He's baaack...! Tiny, but oh, so determined:

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here's a wider crop of an earlier photo:

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Photographer Kerry Maloney writes: "Couldn't tell how he started because the sheep were a good ways into the trip across the field before we could even see what was moving them. He wouldn't have had to do an outrun because they were moving the sheep from the exhaust pen to the set up field in prep for the next days trial. (These sheep had very little desire to stay as a herd.) Luckily the sheep that thought to stray were in the back --- he would have had no chance of catching one farther up or even a close one that decided to make a true run for it. It was funny to see him running as fast as he could on his little legs --- talk about heart."

What a great little worker: "He was mostly wearing back and forth with one or two runs to get a few that thought they could break off." He could clean up on the AKC "A" course, I'm telling you.

Thanks to Kerry for sharing her photos and write-up.

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