November 4, 2009

Irony deficiency

Can't wait for their anti-spay/neuter campaign.

There is a law pending here in California that will prevent cities and counties from passing ordinances banning medical procedures. This law goes into effect on January 1. You'd figure that politicians who let kids die on their watch would so not give a damn, right?

You would be wrong.

County Supervisors in Los Angeles have put on their righteous faces, rolled up their sleeves and drafted an ordinance reforming and streamlining child protective services once and for all opposing elective veterinary procedures that cause “unnecessary pain, anguish and permanent disability” to pets.

Elective procedures like neutering, right? No, silly.

The L.A. Supes think neutering dogs should be mandatory. Opposition to mandatory spay/neuter would require, let's see... a heightened sense of irony, under the circumstances, and a certain amount of, gosh, I dunno, research, maybe. And a degree of... literacy, reading comprehension, that kind of thing. Don't take my word for it: if you want the straight dope on spay/neuter, ask your vet. She'll take a good look at you, and if she figures you're sane, she'll pull the door closed and lower her voice and say, "Based on all the science we have, most male dogs are probably healthiest if they're not neutered."

Hear that, Villaraigosa et al? Whoops! Sorry, dudes, didn't mean to interrupt the photo op.

When you remember that Ed Boks and Judie Mancuso were able to lead the L.A. County Supervisors around by their noses, you'll understand why the Department of Children and Family Services, among other county agencies, is in such sad shape. But hey, we wrote that cat bill! Countywide epidemic of declawing stopped cold, yay us Supes!

[What's Judie Mancuso up to these days? Given the nature of her hubby's blog, I suspect she's not busy fostering abandoned pit bull puppies. Yeeesh.]


-J. said...

Wow. That blog has got to be one of the most ignorant and scaremongering bits of drivel I have seen in a long time. So sad.

Pai said...

Wow, that blog is... something else. So much unhinged hate and pet-killing apologia! Chilling to think how many people like him are in shelters all over the country defending the status quo of death.

Luisa said...

Pai, what's really chilling is that the blogger's wife co-authored [with Ed Boks] the L. A. County mandatory spay/neuter law, and was for all intents and purposes the author of the [initially identical] statewide mandatory S/N bills here in CA [shudder].

On the bright side, she put the kibosh on [former State Assembly Member and MSN booster] Lloyd Levine's political career, which means he now has time to adopt two or three dogs from his local pound. How's that working out for you, Lloyd?