November 23, 2009

1913 Craftsman, restored

This old house: saved from demolition in 1989, moved to a new site, rewired, replumbed, repainted and refinished to perfection. Photos by Christine Cotter for the L.A. Times. Read the article here.

"In the living room, plywood once covered the stained-glass windows on the fireplace wall. In this family photo, homeowner Wendy Harn's father, Don Harn, uncovers the beauty underneath."

And after:

"Since 1913, it's had many different lives," Harn says. " The windows were covered with plywood. Wainscoting was plastered over. All the bookcases and cabinetry were painted white." Warms my heart, this most excellent transformation restoration.


Brent said...

beautiful. I love old Arts and Crafts houses. Beautifully done.

Bill Fosher said...

This sure is a nice house, for a new one ;>) Heah in New Hampsha we don't call them old unless they were built before the turn of the century. The 19th century. But we can still recognize a well-built building that is worth fixing up.

Luisa said...

Shut up, Fosher! My home was built in 1911 and is part of the local historical district, which is like totally old. For these parts ;~)

Bill Fosher said...

Was it in the film LA Story where the tour guide pointed out that some of the homes were as much as 20 years old? Seriously, the house I grew up in was built in 1874, and it's considered one of the newer ones in the village. The oldest house in the town where I live now dates to the early 1700s. My current house is a modular built in 2001. Think "blight on the landscape."