November 21, 2007

Sportspersons of the Year

Tim Racer, Donna Reynolds and Honky Tonk. Photo from, by Annie Truitt.

OK, it's "just" a nomination, but ye gods --- hella big honor there, BAD RAP! Congratulations --- you are the real heroes.
There are 31 dogs once owned by Vick currently housed in shelters around Virginia, another three in upstate New York and 14 in Northern California. The people who care for those dogs daily deserve some recognition, and they are my choice for Sportsperson(s) of the Year.

Tim Racer and his wife, Donna Reynolds, are among those currently caring for dogs confiscated from Vick's kennel. They run an organization called Bad Rap (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls). People have strong opinions about Pit Bulls. Many believe the breed should be banned in the United States; others (like Racer and Reynolds) remember when it was America's most popular dog.

They believe Pit Bulls are gentle creatures at their core. Set aside your feelings on Pit Bulls for a moment and consider only this: Racer and Reynolds awake every day and try to "give these dogs the life they should have had," Racer says. "People use the word 'rehab' but we don't. We say 'healing.' We are fixing them physically and then emotionally by giving them food, water, basic training, socialization and structure."

Read [again!] the rest of George Dohrmann's most excellent article here, and see BAD RAP's heartfelt response here. The BAD RAP blog is full of good stuff. Don't miss Sophie's video --- what a dear old girl [sniffle].


Ken Foster, author of the terrific book The Dogs Who Found Me and a smart, no-nonsense pit bull advocate, calls PETA on their ongoing hypocrisy: we must destroy the pit bulls in order to save them!

One breed at a time, right, PETA? If you haven't read BAD RAP's take on Tyrannical Animal Activists, check it out now. [Both PETA and the HSUS lobbied loud and hard for the immediate killing of all the Vick dogs, with no evaluations.] If you'd like to send a holiday donation to a group that doesn't hope for the eventual extinction of all domestic animals, there are links in the sidebar to BAD RAP and the ASPCA.


Caveat said...

Thanks for posting this, I'm happy to see a picture of Donna.

She was helpful when I sent in my written submission to the Ontario committee around their 'breed' (ha ha) ban.

They ignored all submissions and expert testimony, unfortunately, and now find themselves going through the courts.

Luisa said...

Talk about a travesty of justice. That Ontario [Ohio, Denver, etc.] situation is insane. Hang in there...

Oh, and allow me to pimp my new blog -- Dog Bites: Information and Statistics. There's a link at the top of the Lassie site. Comments and criticism welcome ---

Caveat said...

I noticed that, looking forward to checking it out!