November 25, 2007

Scots wha hae

Go on, buy him something to drink.

I will so buy the wee punter's nasty book. His site is worth a visit. Obligatory stockdog reference: "pear-shaped." Who knew?


Bill Fosher said...

The wee punter includes the following definition that I think really grasps the difference between the British and the American speakers of English:

anaesthetist n someone who administers anaesthetic. Americans call them "anesthesiologists", perhaps so that by the time you reach the end of reading their name-badge you're practically asleep.

Slow readers, the Brits. Quite quick to nod off, as well.

I remember the story about my fellow shepherd who walked into an auto parts store here in the US and asked the poor benighted ape behind the counter for "a shifting spanner to mend the puncture on the lory."

Luisa said...

Slow readers, the Brits. Quite quick to nod off, as well.

I expect it's the drink.

chris said...

Well, how odd. I am the punter in question... Googled the name of my book to see if my site was still the #1 hit, and it turns out you've pipped me to the post!

I shall be holding you to the book-buying, mind...

Luisa said...

Internet fame is a cruel mistress.

Publish soon, dude -- if the dollar keeps falling I'll have to pay for my copies with a string of pretty shells.