November 18, 2007


OMG, this is my favorite color. Really. Crumpler rules.

I want a wonderful laptop. I have these fantasies that my laptop and I will blog together in cafés and travel to sheepdog trials together. No game-playing, but I do generate tons of photos and documents, so my new laptop will have to deal with all that and still function at light speed, since there is nothing worse than a slow computer. At home I might set up one room with a bigger monitor and large keyboard to connect to my new, wonderful laptop. I'll use a mouse with it --- hate those little roller thingys. Yes, the new laptop will replace my wheezy oldish desktop PC that is threatening to give up the ghost. I also have an external hard drive. That may not have anything to do with laptops, but I thought I should mention that I have one. I've never used a Mac.

Blogger has a new poll feature --- I'm trying it out at the top of the sidebar. New laptop must be under 2,000 bucks, and should be able to fit in the green Crumpler case.

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