July 13, 2007

Jack Knox clinic

Kate takes on a stubborn young ram.
[Photo by Denise Wall, used with permission. Click on the photo for a larger view.]

Cool news from Anna Guthrie, my sheepdog trainer down in San Diego County:

The Stockdog Ranch will be hosting a Jack Knox clinic December 12, 13, and 14th in Valley Center, CA (this is northern San Diego County). All levels of dogs and handlers are welcome. Participants can enroll for all three days, two days, or just one day. There is space for RVs (no hookups) on the grounds; motels are about 20 minutes away. Please email me for available slots and pricing.
Jack Knox is a top Open handler (and USBCHA judge) and a genius at helping people learn to work with their stockdogs. The last time he was on the West Coast I drove hours for a lesson with Jack and the landshark.

This mention is more publicity than Jack's clinics usually get, and they fill up so fast that I better call Anna back and be sure there's a spot saved for me ;~) If you're in the area, come and spectate: Jack isn't in California often, and he's the kind of teacher that really makes you think and keep thinking. Should be a great three days.

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