April 4, 2010

We felt that one, all right

Eep. I usually don't do much of anything when I feel a smallish earthquake [the series of three point this and four point that we had recently, for example], but I stood up for this one. It felt like the house was on a boat. Gentle rolling, then slightly stronger shaking, then it subsided. Birds at the feeder did nuthin' — kept eating. [You wild things are supposed to warn us by freaking out! Did you not get that memo?] The landshark was worried. Bounce slept through the whole thing.

Ten miles south of Mexicali/Calexico. Damn. Looks like it was right on the San Andreas... Hope folks are safe down there. If it shook the way it did here, 170 miles from the epicenter, I can only imagine what the shaking was like for the people in Guadalupe Victoria. My thoughts are with them.

Pattern developing...? Boy, it's a kick living on the San Andreas. [runs off to complete the "Did you feel it?" form]


EmilyS said...

wow! hope there are no aftershocks.
I guess the birds didn't evolve to fear earthquakes; since they would fly up at any disturbance, it must just be another "thing" to them

Luisa said...

The aftershocks are headed north...! [panics] Should mention that the Caltech earthquake mavens just bumped the first biggie from a 6.9 to a 7.2, according to the L.A. Times.

You'd be surprised [or not] how many people have asked me whether you can feel an earthquake if you're flying in an airplane.

OMG, two male Black-headed Grosbeaks are at the feeders right now. [geeks out]

Rinalia said...

Oh gosh, hope the folks down in Baja and the border towns are okay. Scary stuff.

A minute long quake is crazy. I can still remember the loma prieta - those 15 seconds felt like a freaking lifetime.

Luisa said...

@Rinalia: I hear you. This one lasted about 30 seconds, and the rolling/shaking was never more than just mild, but... yowza.

I read somewhere that the 9.2 Good Friday quake in Alaska lasted so long [nearly 5 minutes, sez Wiki] that one family got tired of standing under the door frame and rode out the shaking on their couch.