April 19, 2010

Stay classy, Brampton bureaucrats

For real.

The Brampton dogs are back home at last, safe and sound. Check out the happy photo of Ines Branco with her dog Brittany, the, um, so obviously not a pit bull, from the Brampton Guardian:

An independent veterinarian took one look at the two mixed breeds and said to the geniuses at Brampton Animal Control and City Hall, "Holy crap, anyone with enough neurons to make a synapse can tell these dogs aren't pit bulls. They aren't purebred anything. I can't believe you had to pay an 'outside expert' to tell you this. You must be dumber than a box of hammers. Give the dogs back already. Oh, and get over yourselves. Mean people suck."

Of course, the officials of Brampton couldn't just hand over the dogs and say, "We screwed up. Sorry." For pure spite, dishonesty and a last-minute dollop of abuse of power, it's hard to beat this:
Despite the vet’s ruling, as part of the agreement with the city, the owners had to agree to allow the dogs to be designated “potentially dangerous” and they must wear muzzles when out in public.

Branco paid the $50 for a license and picked up Brittany, but was shocked when he found out he would have to post a big red sign on his fence declaring a “dangerous dog” lives at the home.

“I have never seen anything like that in Brampton before,” Branco said.
Remember, these two dogs were never, not once, accused of running loose, accused of bothering neighbors, or accused of harming or threatening to harm a soul.

Do the Brampton bureaucrats have any idea how this makes them look? News flash, Brampton officials: whenever people see the sign [and I hope it's photographed and shared around the world], they'll be thinking about how cruel and stupid and malicious you are.

Here's a blank, folks. Feeling creative? Knock yourselves out ;~)

Click to embiggen.


Rob said...

Teh sign is AW3S0M3!! The path to its existence, not so much.

Luisa said...

Some fine coverage of the Brampton case over at KC Dog Blog, where I am headed to have virtual apoplexy over Brent's take on the First Amendment.

EmilyS said...

lol@Luisa! Brent is an excellent blogger and his blog is a critical resource. His stance on the Stevens case is, um, disappointing. Your post was a lot nicer than mine.

mikken said...

Wow, the stupid just keeps on coming out of Brampton, doesn't it? Astonishing chain of events topped with a heaping helping of dumb.

And that sign? Says "free dental check up!!!" to me.

At least the dogs survived the stupidity. This time.