October 25, 2009

Emo. Not emu. Emo

Harpy eaglet at the Miami Metrozoo, via ZooBorns. I love this: "The chick's gender is unknown as zoo staff cannot get too close. When keepers approach the chick "the mother gets very defensive, opens her wings and covers the chick right away. Then she starts squealing … wheeee wheeee wheee. And when a bird has talons the size of a grizzly bear's paw, you pay attention," explained the zoo spokesman." Visit ZooBorns for a look at those talons, plus more eaglet dourness.

Don't make me come back there: awesome pissed-off owl from Reynen. Visit her site for the all-time greatest angry owl in a box photo ever. H/T: Birdchick.

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