April 14, 2009

Wonkette for the win

The new BFFs. [Click for bigger.] Photo by Chief White House Photographer — and American of Portuguese descent — Pete Souza.

Money quote [bowdlerized version]:

Hmm let’s see should Obama maybe not 100% please every [gosh-darned] animal fanatic in America or should he just look right into Ted Kennedy’s eyes — yes this is the same Ted Kennedy currently dying of brain cancer — and say, “You know, Ted, I just don’t want your [darn] dog, right?”

From the totally not PG-rated Rescue-Dog Fanatics Hope Obama Will Kill Ted Kennedy’s Elitist Water Dog over at Wonkette, via the most excellent YesBiscuit!


Christie Keith said...

Luisa, it's my opinion that the Wonkette piece and yours on how they got the dog without consulting you are the two finest pieces of Obama puppy commentary written. If there were an award for this kind of thing, I'd nominate you both!

Hmmmm, perhaps Pet Connection should start blogging awards...

Luisa said...

Thanks, Christie! Not to brag, but I am often told I deserve a 'Petty' Blog Post Award!