April 5, 2009

California's future foretold

Tenochtitlan, back in the day. Click for bigger.

Crónica de una muerte anunciada, perhaps? From Daniel Hernandez's most excellent blog, Intersections:

And this is where life in the city starts getting a just a bit more stressful. La Prensa is reporting that the Mexico City government will be cutting off the main flow of water to the capital "100%" during the end of Semana Santa, April 9 through 12. We can't repeat it enough: the water supply right now is at critically low levels. El Universal confirms that the Cutzamala valve will be entirely shut off on Thursday, and that the city won't feel the effects until probably Friday, the 10th.

So that's 36 hours without water flowing from the largest supply plant for a city of 20 million people, which, in high cosmic irony, used to look like the image above only about 500 years ago.

Back home in California, I suspect it may be just a matter of time. Read the rest of Daniel's blog post here.

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