April 24, 2008

Bryant's legacy

From the "Mark my words, Ontario will be safer" Dept:
Family angry after dog mauls infant

KITCHENER-"Hello doggie." Those are the last coherent words Ginger Visneskie remembers before her 2-year-old daughter was attacked by a German shepherd last week[...]

Neighbours who saw the incident say the dog pounced on the child, threw her on the ground and sunk his teeth into her face. While they looked on in horror, Visneskie pulled on the leash and freed Lilly.

In barely five seconds, the child had been bloodied and appeared to be in shock. Visneskie didn't bother calling an ambulance. She and another neighbour put Lilly in the car and raced to the Grand River Hospital.

For the first few hours, Visneskie feared for Lilly's life and her eyesight.

"He'd bitten so close to the eyes, I thought he'd gouged them out," the 29-year-old single mother said.

When doctors finished sewing up the dozen bite marks on Lilly's nose, near her eyes and just below her chin, she had 35 stitches. She will need extensive dental work, doctors told Visneskie, since her lower jaw had been pushed into the roof of the mouth.

She has started a series of rabies shots — five in total — and may need speech therapy. Four of her front teeth were dislocated.
The dog was trying to pull her from danger, no doubt. Read the whole story here, in the Toronto Star.

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Caveat said...

If there's a bigger showboater than Bryant, I haven't encountered him.

It's funny that Kitchener won't enforce the Dog Owners' Liability Act for some reason. An alleged 'Siberian Husky' killed a Yorkshire terrier at a pet supply shop earlier this year - no charges laid.

Now, this case, a dog with a prior history of antisocial aggression seriously nails a little kid - not sure if they need a dangerous dog hearing.

What a crock. The existing DOLA adequately covered these kinds of cases. Brytler didn't add anything but unequal treatment under the law, reverse onus, warrantless entry, convictions on hearsay and restrictions on mobility for people who own short-haired medium-sized dogs.

Let's just say that if either of those dogs had been perceived as 'pit bulls', they'd both be dead by now.

Makes me sick, but also makes me mad, which is a great motivator.