December 2, 2009

Color block prints by Frances Gearhart

Untitled (Big Sur Bridge). Click for [even] bigger.

I'm totally in love with these prints by Frances Gearhart (1869-1959). [To the left: Cuyama Country, 1935.] Her art is Californian to its marrow, and it makes my heart ache, it's so beautiful and true. Thanks to Deborah Netburn of the L.A. Times for writing about this exhibition of Gearhart's work at the Pasadena Museum of California Art [how Californian is that?]. I'd provide an LAT link, except that the post only shows up in my RSS reader and the link goes to a blank page at the Times site. UPDATE: link at last.

Here's a link to Susan Futterman’s essay on Gearhart, and here's a print that must be of Big Bear Lake:


Anonymous said...

Deborah Netburn just wrote another review of this exhibition on LA Times Dec 26th 2009.


Luisa said...

Thanks! Here is a link to the new article: Behold Frances Gearhart.

Sarah Hamlin said...

I'm totally in love with these prints too! Just went to Susan Futterman and Roger Genser's walk through of the exhibit. It was really informative.

Town Common said...

The top print, given the name "Big Sur Bridge" but untitled on the Pasadena print, is titled "Coastwise" on my impression. It's the Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur. Gearhart reversed the image, as you can see in this photo taken from almost the same vantage:

The bridge was finished in 1932, so it probably dates to about then.