August 3, 2009

And so to bed


PBurns said...

Those dogs clearly hate each other. I knew it would never work out ;)


PBurns said...

Actually, looking at these pics, they should be framed oil paintings, side by side. They tell a complete story.


Brent said...

I love the "busted" look by the dark brown dog in the 2nd photo. SweetP gives me the same looks when she knows she's not supposed to rough-house inside but does it anyway.

Luisa said...

Smoke and Bounce are such a pair. She's at least eleven, with bad knees [three surgeries] but still romps like a pup. She loves everybody and everybody loves her. Even the collies will play with Bounce.

Smoke is big enough now that Bounce can walk under him without crouching, but they compromise on play styles and curl up together for a nap when playtime's done. Best friends forever :~)