March 30, 2008

Get well soon!

Oh, crap.

Dear Bill,
Heard you were under the weather and so am sending two adorable, tiny little Chihuahua puppies to New Hampshire to help you get better, because I'm sure their tiny little adorableness is just the medicine you need! OMG, you are going to have so much fun watching them herd the new lambies!

Best wishes,

Luisa, Piper, Sneak, Bounce, Grayling, Twig & Lu

[No, really, it'll be fine — they have OnStar.]


Miso Luvlee's Mom said...

OMG those are the CUTEST pictures!!! I miss having a puppy :)

Bill Fosher said...

You're trying to kill me? OnStar will be of limited use to them, as none of the major computer-based mapping systems really can figure out where our house is. And I hope that convertible is four-wheel drive.

Thanks for the well wishes. I'm back home, breathing air that hasn't been breathed before, and on the mend.

Luisa said...

"Over the Rockies and through Des Moines, to Fosher's house we go..."

I'll tell them no hurry. OMG, you should see their tiny little "Chihuahuas for Obama" bumper sticker!

You take care back there -- stay warm, etc. [/mom voice]. Glad you're home!