February 5, 2008

Toddler trains pit bull (with a little help from Mom)

Sam with Teddles

Sam is one terrific [and hugely adorable] kid:
[Vick dog Teddles] is so big that he has been compared to a bull in a China shop. Now he lives in a home with Sam, who is only two years old. Teddles has learned to be careful around a little person and Sam actively participates in his training. Every morning, under Mom’s supervision, Sam will say, “Teddles-Baby, sit" and will wait for the “look command” prior to letting him out for his first run of the day. Sam will even correct his mother’s training, and note if she has forgotten to praise Teddles for an appropriate behavior. Reynolds chuckles, “We have a two-year old toddler training a Michael Vick dog how to have good house manners and Ted is responding.”
Christine Allen, Sam’s mother and Teddles’ foster parent:
What's wonderful about children like my Sam is that every dog that he meets is treated like an individual with a clean slate because he doesn't have any stereotypical or preconceived notions about different breeds. And I hope that when he's old enough to understand what stereotypes or preconceived notions mean, that he will be continue to be compassionate and humane enough to judge all living things on his or her individual merit. Those community leaders who still believe that all pit bulls were bred for ‘unstoppable violence’ and are unfit to live as family pets have a great deal to learn and could take lessons from my 2-year old.”
See the complete article here, and be sure to check out all the other Best Friends articles opposing BSL. (Look! It's Wallace!)

Teddles with Isabella


No BSL said...

There should have been a "Cute Alert" issued prior to this posting.

Too adorable for words as my grandmother used to say.

Anonymous said...

Hummm, this reminds me of something I read one time..."and a little child shall lead them."

Do you think our former (demoted?) Attorney General Michael Bryant could learn something from this little boy?